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The Way Home

The featured image, also known as the “Bridge to Nowhere” is one of Norway’s most scenic and popular tourist roads.  1 of the 8 bridges that connect Norway’s mainland to the Island of Averøy, Storseisundet is the most spectacular and the longest one among them all. Storseisundet can be scary for most motorists because it appears one would easily plunge into the waters below at the slightest maneuver. The reality though, is that it’s just an optical illusion, it was constructed to look that way at a certain angle, but it’s safe to travel on. To the bystander, it’s a beautiful site to behold but to the motorist, it could be a grueling first experience.

Such is the irony of life. It can be filled with twist and turns, pleasant or unpleasant occurrences, all of which are needful for this thing called “LIFE”. If we view the “bridge” as a transition point to get us from one stage in life to the other, and if we understand that the bridge was not designed to be a resting place, then we would embrace the opportunities and challenges and continue to travel down the road until we get to the other side. We will not be distracted or scared by the water underneath the bridge, we will choose to view it as an impetus to crossover and succeed. The bridge, no matter how architecturally pleasing or scary it might be, was not designed to be a resting place.

So, if you suffer the loss of a loved one, experience heartbreak, divorce, health challenges, and other difficulties, don’t stay on the bridge of life, keep moving, you’ve got some place to be. Be unstoppable.



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