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His Star Still Shines Bright!!!

They saw His star in the east over 2000 years ago and they followed that star to see the Savior. They beheld him and worshipped with gifts in tow. Herod on the other hand wanted this Savior killed. But a star so bright couldn’t be quenched by any mortal man, for he had a Spiritual assignment backed by a higher power. The fulfillment of that assignment was one that would bring peace, hope, forgiveness and healing to all mankind.

Now, 2000 plus years and counting, wise people still follow the star. His power to redeem is still potent. There is no pain, sickness, sorrow or trouble He can’t resolve. His precious blood still avails. What a joy the day the Savior was born. While on earth, His law was love and His gospel was peace. That simple yet salient agenda remains unchanged today. His star still shines bright the whole world over. While there may still be modern day “Herods” who might want to quench His agenda, we know through history that this will not be possible.

So as we celebrate this season symbolized with bright lights, gift exchanging and caroling, let’s not forget the real reason for the season; that He came to bring hope, and all who believe in Him will have life eternal. Do you believe in Him?

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year Ahead.



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