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Can You Hear The Birds Sing???

These days, well before 5 am, I can hear the birds sing from my bedroom window. I don’t notice the song in the winter, but in the springtime, it’s so loud and clear. There have been moments when I have struggled to sleep through the night and felt very groggy in the morning, yet somehow, that resounding dawn chorus of nature cheers me on.

It reminds me that it’s a new day and there are opportunities waiting on the other side. So in spite of my grogginess, I wake up and start preparing for the day. The amazing thing about this music is that there is no conductor, or choir master, no one to teach them their parts, no one to tell them when to start or stop singing, yet it’s always harmonious and in sync. I

Sometimes I wish I can interpret their music, oh I wish I can decipher what is transpiring in their little brains as they sing. I am told that typically, the singing is done by male birds seeking to attract their female counterparts; the more reasons why I want to hear what they are saying (lol). The other day, I tried looking out of the window to catch a glimpse of the birds and I was pleasantly surprised.

I was expecting to see lots of them but could count no more than 3 very small birds, perched on a tree, happily chirping away. There is something about nature that I find very soothing to my soul. It grounds me, it liberates me, it rejuvenates me, it refocuses me. The dedication of these birds to their “dawn chorus” is certainly a reminder to keep moving in the right direction even when I don’t’ feel like.

As the day lightens and I go about my merry way, the music begins to fade until I hear it no more. When this music from nature diminishes, the sound of ongoing traffic as well as the sound of my phone beeping from constant messages become heightened. Alas, I have left the confines of my home and the grind of the day awaits. But soon the day will end, the morning will appear, the music will be back and the cycle continues. I have learnt that you can’t stop the night simply because you hate the darkness, but you can prepare for the morning and embrace all it gives you.

I reckon that depending on your geographical location you may not hear the birds sing in the morning but perhaps, you can watch the sun rise, you can hear the cock crow, you can hear the town crier sound the alarm, or even hear the noise of cattle and other livestock. Regardless of where we live, nature gives us gifts and little reminders about a new lease on life; we just have to open our eyes to embrace it.

So look for the morning (whatever that represents to you), and when it comes, wait for the song. I came upon a phrase recently that read “find your place of solitude and visit often”. There are no truer words than this. In this Spring and Easter season, I want to encourage you to be receptive to the hope and light that awaits you.



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