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Last week, a group of children I have been working with graduated from Kindergarten. In preparation for their big day, they had spent countless hours in rehearsal for songs and a group project which was going to be part of the presentation for their parents. They were so looking forward to the day, and finally it was here. As they read their self-written speeches and gave the performance of their life, that moment was met with mixed emotions.

The teachers and I have worked closely with these children for 2-3 years and formed a close knit bond with them. It was amazing to witness their uncharted progress and the expression of gratitude on the faces of their parents. So why the sadness, you may ask? Well, it stemmed from the fact that it was time for these children whom we have loved and nurtured over the years to leave our school and to begin the next chapter of their lives. The children equally had mixed feelings and most captured this in their speeches.

You see, this particular school only goes up to the Kindergarten grade so no matter how much we loved them, we just couldn’t keep them for 1st grade. In the years we had them, we had given them every needed support to get to this point and now it was time to say goodbye. We’ve been through illnesses, good days, bad days, quarrels on the playground, potty accidents, tears, lots of bandaid and ice, etc. etc. and it all had led to this day. And so clad in their blue caps and gowns, we handed over Kindergarten diplomas and sent them on their way.

As I drove home that evening, I began to ponder on the many things in my life that I need to graduate from, and O boy, there is lots a I need to let go in order to get to the next important stage. I found that in certain situations, I had become too comfortable and complacent, and this was holding me back. In essence, the “good” in my life had become the enemy of the “better” person I could become. Being “better” was always well within my reach but I didn’t attain it because I was comfortable with the “good”.

For the next half of this year, there are many things I will be working towards graduating from. I encourage you to do same for there are “better” days ahead .

Ps: Been busy over the last few weeks but I’m back now and already working on a new story. Be on the look out.



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