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Be A Gift!!

In the 1990’s, one of my popular TV series was “Touched by an Angel”. I admired not just the characters but the story lines as well. Each episode portrayed real life situations of people trying to sift through the changing scenes of life.  Ranging from loss of loved ones, to betrayals and broken relationships, there was no limit to the atrocities these characters encountered. For some, it was one mishap after another other and in their failure to make sense of life’s happenings, the individuals affected lost hope in themselves, others and even God. They questioned God’s existence because it was unfathomable for such hardships to occur under the watchful eye of a loving God.  When an individual is faced with unexpected loss (and a painful one at that), even the best of us can easily be swirled into a world of doubt, anger, bitterness and ultimately resentment toward God.

The great thing about this TV series was the fact that angels surrounded these troubled people all around, but they did not realize it. There were angels at their places of work, home, the prison, hospital, etc. whose main purpose was to help the affected families sift through the rubble and to make sense of it all. The angels did not resurrect those who had lost loved ones, but they helped them deal with the loss in a meaningful manner.

Our world today needs a lot of angels on assignment. I’m not referring to our preconceived images of angels with wings who are surrounded with a bright white light. I’m referring to you and me. Despite our differing geographical demographic and socio-economic backgrounds one thing is certain: we are all human and our core needs are the same.  Would you be an angel today and lend a helping hand to someone? Would you be willing to support a friend whom you don’t like in their time of need? Can you look past the differences and care for another human being?  What if the person would never be able to pay you back for the financial support you render them; would you still do it?

Some of us are waiting for a big chance to make a difference but the reality is that some of the best opportunities come upon us in small packages and in the unlikeliest of forms. You can impact a life wherever you are, and you can do so anonymously in your own small way.  You can begin to perceive your workplace as more than an avenue to get paid but also as an opportunity to form meaningful relationships. We can all take some time outside of our regimented and somewhat stringent lives to reach out to someone who can really use help. Our world today could use a lot of empathy, compassion, kindness, and selflessness.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1843),

“Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts.

 The only gift is a portion of thyself. Thou must bleed for me”.

Be an angel today. Give of yourself and your time!!!


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