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They Call Her Mom

She carried him for 9 months with such grace and poise.

Many days and nights, he tossed and turned in her perfect body.

Hormones unhinged, appetite uncontrollable,

Body shape ever changing, tummy surely expanding.

The day suddenly arrives, she pushes for hours, alas he debuts.

He calls her mom.

9,900 miles away from home, alone and scared

Longing for someone to make him feel at home.

Along came this lady, smile as big as a kite.

Don’t worry my son, I’m here for you.

You’ll be just fine. They call her Mama Rose.

But I call her mom.

Trouble focusing on school and finishing tasks.

She called him to the side one day after class was out.

My child, I see you are having trouble with school.

I can help you, I believe in you, you can do this.

They call her Ms. Wanda (the math teacher)

But I call her mom.

Happy Mother’s day to all the ladies out there. Thank you for the different ways you “mother” the next generation. We have been specially graced to be influencers in every sphere of our world. Here’s wishing you all peace, joy, love, good health and happiness. May you continue to raise strong men and women, and while at it, don’t neglect to care for yourself. Today we carry them, tomorrow, they will carry us if we do it right.



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