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Everything Changes, Nothing Stays The Same

Hot afternoon on an African market day

People galore, noise abounds,

The street hawker yells so loud and clear

In a piercing voice you will not forget

5 oranges for 20 cedis she says

But soon night time comes

And silence prevails, liked no one ever walked the street

Because everything changes, and nothing stays the same

Soft cuddly baby born today

Ooooo so cute and yet so fragile

No words to speak, lots to eat and sleep

Soo much to learn, so much to do

Baby grows up  and looks around

This world’s a funny place

I hope to make the most of it

Because everything changes, and nothing stays the same

There will be laughter, there will be tears

Friends will abound and so will enemies

There will be peace, but war still looms

Poverty and wealth will coexist

Life and death will never cease

Neither will sickness and health

We will lose loved ones but we will gain others

Because everything changes, nothing stays the same

Two old folks walking down the street

Lady with long gray hair, guy with  shiny bald head

Hands in tow, backs somewhat curved

Lost in their own thoughts, captivated in their world

They move and dance to their own rhythm

They once were young and, in a hurry,

But not today, there is lots of time to burn

Because everything changes, and nothing stays the same

So, when you awake each day

Take a moment to count your blessing

Strap yourself, gird your loins

Give life the best you’ve got

Say a kind word to all you meet

Stay humble and say your prayers

Cos you are here today and gone tomorrow

Because everything changes, and nothing stays the same

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus



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I am a writer, a lover of intellectual discussions, a social entrepreneur and an oatmeal junkie. My educational background includes a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in Development Studies and a PhD in Human Services. 

My goal is to use this blog to inspire, create and motivate. I hope the stories and posts you read on this blog fulfill that purpose.

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