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How do you define “Yesterday”? To some people, yesterday can be 24 hours, to another, it could mean a decade. For me, yesterday signifies anything that is in the past.

One of the great things about “Yesterday” is that it does not have to define your “Today” or even your “Tomorrow” Instead, “Yesterday” provides you with an opportunity for an improved “Today” and a more desirable “Tomorrow”.  

Yesterday, I was a child who couldn’t wait to be an adult, I longed for the promise of liberty and assumed that life without curfew and being the “boss of me” would yield a much needed freedom

Today, I’m an adult wishing to be a kid again some days

I realize that there is no such thing as freedom

For there are rules at every stage of life and unbridled freedom actually results in a form of “imprisonment”

Yesterday, I looked down on someone because they made a mistake

I was quick to judge and I swore I would never be them

I thought I knew it all, had it all, could do it all

Today, I have made my own share of mistakes

Some of them more grievous than the one’s committed by the very person I looked down upon

I realize that what that person needed at the time was compassion, forgiveness, and support.

Tomorrow, if I encounter someone similar, I would take time to understand the circumstances leading to that error

I wouldn’t judge and walk away but would stay and offer support if they would let me.

Truth be told, until you walk a mile in a person’s shoes, you would never fully  understand their actions.

Yesterday, I wanted so desperately to be right,

I tried to answer every question that came my way,

And thought I needed to solve every problem.

I longed to impress and be loved and falsely believed that doing the above would buy me love.

Today I know that true love cannot be bought or manipulated,

For one must first truly love themselves and everything else would emanate from within.

So I pick my battles wisely, give my best effort daily and I keep moving.

And O, how unbelievable the peace from laying down the burden of

“people pleasing” .

And who can describe the pleasure of “purposeful silence”?

Yesterday, I met a friend who remarked on how he would sneak away from home to attend parties during his younger years.

Today, as an adult, he sneaks away from parties to go home.

The very thing he run towards as a youngster is the same thing he is running away from, for such is life (Lol).

As the good book tells us “there is time for everything” .

Yesterday’s time is different from today’s and it’s essential to recognize that. Time is one of the rarest commodities in life and once it’s gone, you can never have it back

Yesterday, I boasted in my own abilities and took many things for granted,

Today, I depend on my maker for strength, I know that without Him, I can do nothing.

I am content with what I have but I continue to strive towards the best version of Me.

More than anything, I am grateful for Yesterday (good or bad) because it provides the foundation for today, and the hope for tomorrow.



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I am a writer, a lover of intellectual discussions, a social entrepreneur and an oatmeal junkie. My educational background includes a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in Development Studies and a PhD in Human Services. 

My goal is to use this blog to inspire, create and motivate. I hope the stories and posts you read on this blog fulfill that purpose.

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