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Woes of a Traveller (III): A New Beginning

And so it was, that at the end of the second week, Akos was resolute in her decision to relocate. Despite being uncertain about a host of things, she knew it was time to be in charge of her own future. If she wanted her life’s story to change, she would need to rise up and come face to face with “life”. So with much confidence in her decision, she called Henry and confirmed that she was ready to make that move. Henry was excited that he could finally be of help to her.

He immediately started making accommodation arrangements for her.  Her next step was informing her relatives about her decision. That weekend, while her relatives were home relaxing, she approached them with some unexpected news. First, she thanked them for the opportunity of “welcoming” her to the United States and for providing a place to lay her head. She also expressed her appreciation to them for allowing her to “bond” with her cousins. Then came the real news of her decision to relocate.

Suffice it to say that information was not well received because they were more concerned about maintaining a babysitter than they were about her progress. Their response began with a moment of silence (probably out of shock), followed by a few minutes of insults and loud hurtful remarks. When they were done with their rampage, it was as if an emotional hurricane had ravaged through Akos’s heart.

Some of the final words Akos heard was “you are very ungrateful, you have disappointed us, no wonder you lost your job in Ghana, upon leaving, don’t ever come back to this house, don’t ever call us for any assistance, you must leave by the next weekend”.  Akos maintained her calm while all of this ensued; for what use will it be to try to justify or explain her decision. And indeed, why would she need to apologize for her dreams?

Just like they demanded, Akos was out of their house within a week and she made her way on an 8-hour bus ride to another State. There, she met Henry who introduced her to a few friends of his and took her to an apartment. It was a few rough months of getting acclimatized but she eventually settled in nicely. Unlike her relatives,  Henry did keep his promise to her and supported her financially until she was self-dependent. Today, Akos has made her own set of friends and is on track with her Nursing Program with lots of prospects in sight.

Due to the benevolence of others and the miracle of some legal networks, Akos is able to work and travel.  Her decision to move did sour her relationship with her relatives but it also brought her new opportunities she would never have known had she not been courageous enough to leap into the future.

Morale of the Story

  1. Don’t be too concerned about the opinions of others to the extent that you sabotage your own destiny.

  1. Sometimes, we find ourselves in unpleasant situations brought upon us by our own mistakes or by the people we least expected. Sadly, this is part of life. Rather than complain and become resentful, we can turn that tragedy into a beautiful ending if we stay focused.

  1. Sometimes, help comes from the unlikeliest and unexpected sources so it’s important to keep an open mind.

  1. Embrace opportunities that come your way, and when you have gained enough strength to stand, be sure to look back and pick up the next person.



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