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The “Little Things” We take for Granted.

Ever heard the adage “the best things in life are free”?  I thought I fully understood what it meant until I made a trip to 3 major grocery stores yesterday.  Following news about the growing pandemic of Coronavirus and the calls for social isolation, I thought it would be a good idea to top up on a few essentials hence my trip. I wasn’t looking for much, just a case or two of water, milk and some bread. For the first time in 17 years since I have been visiting these stores, I was met with countless empty shelves. It was as though a hurricane had swept through the stores and ridded it of supplies. I kept starring at those shelves as though by some magic or miracle, those items would suddenly appear. I wasn’t along in this wishful thinking.

Other people I met were equally dumbfounded.  I muttered to the lady standing next to me (who keep starring in shock at the almost empty refrigerated produce section) that the scare, panic and anxiety from this pandemic will cause more harm than the actual virus itself. There was no water in all 3 stores, 2 out of the 3 stores had no bread, and milk was in very limited supply. There were long queues at both the self-checkout and cashier stand. Na waaa ooo, I said to myself. Lots of people with money to spend, but no goods to purchase. That’s when I realized that there is nothing more frustrating or disappointing than having money and not being able to purchase what you need.

I eventually made it through the queues and stepped outside. Guess what? No one was queuing for fresh air. Imagine if we had to stock up or ration fresh air!! Not even the wealthiest amongst us would be able to afford it. Some stores had a sign saying, “out of hand sanitizers” or “no more than 2 cases of water per individual”. What if there was a sign in the open saying “out of air” or “ no more than 100 breaths of air per day, per individual”. We could find replacements for some of the essential items that are now scarce commodities, but we could never find a replacement for fresh air.

What if you spend all your lifetime solely focused on making money only to end up at a store with empty shelves and nothing to buy? What happens to the very thing you spent all your life chasing after? What if we applied that same persistence to the “little” but enduring things in life. This “pandemic” will soon pass, and when it does, let’s not forget to continue to show gratitude for the simple but essential things such as fresh air that God freely provides to all each day. “Wherever you see friendships, loyalty, laughter, and love, there is your treasure”. Don’t take it for granted. The best things in life are indeed free!!!! Be well, stay well.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Ah the moon belongs to everyone The best things in life they’re free Stars belong to everyone They cling there for you and for me

Flowers in spring The robins that sing The sunbeams that shine They’re yours and they’re mine

Love can come to everyone The best things in life they’re free

Moon belongs to everyone The best things in life, they’re free Stars belong to everyone They glitter there for you and for me

Flowers in spring The robin that sings Sunbeams that shine oh They’re yours and their mine y’all

Love can come to everyone Best things in life they’re free All of the good things Every one of the better things

The best, best things in life They’re free



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