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Thankful Christmas

I remember Christmas as a young kid growing up in Ghana. I was assured of new clothes, chicken, shoes, Fanta, and a good supply of the unbeatable Ghana Jollof Rice. Christmas became synonymous with these items. There was just something different about the air on Christmas day. Everyone seemed happier and friendlier. That experience is forever etched in my memory.

As an adult living on the other side of the globe, I no longer have to wait for Christmas to have these things. You can say that Christmas happens whenever I accidentally pass by the shoe store (lol). So what does Christmas mean to me now, and so many others who have embarked on a journey similar to mine and are no longer kids? My 2nd book “Thankful Christmas” captures the Christmas experience told from a rare and unique perspective.

At the request of the family matriarch Mama Mansa, David and his family embark on a last minute journey from the US to their native country Ghana. A beautiful story unfolds in the process. This book is a salient reminder of the many reasons to be especially thankful during this season. It’s a perfect gift idea for your Christmas list and an excellent just-in-time read for both adults and children. The illustrations in the book are like no other.

I invite you to make your eBook or paperback purchase using the link below:



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