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Perfectly Imperfect!!!

The long awaited day was finally here!!!!!! Soon, all the renowned guests of the Asawa Kingdom would make a majestic entrance to the Collodium Grounds where a long awaited wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place.

38 year old successful Entrepreneur Akos, was getting married to her 35 year old best friend, Kwame, who happened to be an architect. Their love story is truly remarkable. Both had endured a few sour relationships and were busy “minding their own business” when a chance encounter caused their paths to intertwine. They met at Heathrow Airport as they waited in line to get through the security checkpoint. Another passenger had made a funny comment and they both burst out laughing. A conversation ensued and the rest they say is history. After a year of dating, they decided to get married. Akos was the oldest sibling, and yet the last of 4 girls to get married. She had refused to succumb to the pressures from friends and family regarding marriage and was determined to “wait for the right time”, no matter how long it took.

Meeting Kwame when she least expected had reassured her that she made the right decision to wait. All the missing pieces of her life’s puzzle seem to fall in place. Unlike her previous relationships, her time with Kwame was invigorating. Kwame was confident, respectful, kind and handsome. He treated her as a friend and partner. Whenever they had a difference of opinion, there was no shouting match or throwing of pots and pans; they simply worked it out to the point of agreeing to disagree. These and a few other qualities convinced Akos that Kwame was the guy for her. So, when he asked her to marry her that fateful Friday night, she couldn’t hold back her excitement.

Alas, the day and time for the wedding ceremony was here. They had chosen the serene Collodium Grounds for their 4pm nuptials. They had decided on having an outside wedding. At 1pm, the wedding planner did a final walkthrough of the venue. Flower arrangements – check, seating assignments – check, bridal team – check, food services – check, DJ – check, Photography – check, Officiating minister – check. Phewwww, everything is under perfect control; said the planner. By 3:45pm most of the guests had arrived and the groom was waiting for his bride. At 4pm, there she was, walking down the aisle, with such grace and poise, towards her best friend and soon to be husband.

Everything seemed perfect as the ceremony unfolded. After exchanging their heartfelt vows, it was time for pictures, cocktail and the reception. Everything seemed perfect indeed until it got extremely windy during the reception. The planner decided it was best to relocate the reception venue to one of the spacious ballrooms the venue had to offer. Months of meticulously planning for an outdoor reception would now have to be relegated in light of the unforeseen and uncontrollable happenstance. The planner approached the bride and groom with her suggestion of switching the location and in typical Akos and Kwame fashion, they talked through it and agreed it was better to make the switch.

A few family members were frantic about the situation, but the couple focused on what was important to them. They reasoned that a change in location was just a temporary situation beyond their control so rather than allow that to ruin their special day, they would rather choose to focus on the fact that they had each other for life and that they have people to celebrate the moment with them. It was windy for the rest of the evening but indoors, behind closed doors, the couple and their loved ones danced the night away. Although the initial plan for their perfect wedding did not entail a ballroom reception, it was still perfectly imperfect.

Morale of the Story

Life is perfectly imperfect. Take time to plan but remember to live in the moment. In life, there are certain things that are beyond our control. These are simply lessons to confirm to us that we are really not in charge of everything; indeed, we will never be. We didn’t make the universe and we don’t wield all the power. The beauty of life however comes from focusing on what matters and making the most of it, because life is really PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.



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