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I have them, you have them. Young or old, we can’t seem to function without one these days. From using  your email account to engagement in other social media platforms or even commerce sites, you can’t be without them. Certain workplaces and websites require a double or triple authentication/verification system.

And as though these were not enough, you would sometimes receive notifications prompting you to reset your password because it’s been at least 120 days since you upgraded.  Failure to comply by their guidelines would result in you being locked out of your own account.

That age of innocence when you didn’t need a password to feel safe is forever gone. There are hackers  and scammers out there whose primary intention is to gain unlawful access to your valuable information for their own selfish gains while leaving behind a path of destruction.

Many have had their identity stolen and their financial future wiped out because of a hacker who managed to gain unlawful access. The world over, credit card companies and major industries continue to allocate thousands of dollars to combat cyber threats and attacks. In certain cases, despite these efforts, the hackers still manage to gain  access and create havoc.

Have you ever considered the parallel between hackers/passwords and your emotional wellness? Very often, we focus so much on protecting our identity and financial information at the expense of the more important assignment of our guarding our emotional health. Do you ever wonder about having passwords to protect your wellness?

Somehow, we convince ourselves that we will be just fine although we fail to invest in our sanity. Do you realize that there are systems, situations and humans we engage with on a daily basis whose sole purpose is to threaten and compromise our wellness? If you ask me, I will argue these hackers are equally or even more lethal than their business counterparts. Have you taken time to create “emotional passwords”?

This past year, I have had to be intentional about my wholeness. My passwords now include  “not today”, “I’m going for a walk”, “ I need to take a deep breath”. “this will have to wait”, “I need some chocolate now”. These protectors seem simple and even funny, but they have helped me a great deal. When faced by a challenge that can create emotional disequilibrium, I activate the appropriate password for that moment and I stay sane.

If I ever get to a point where I feel the need to upgrade these passwords for heightened inner security, I wouldn’t hesitate to yield. It’s my path to staying sane. I have come to realize and accept that not everything needs my immediate attention. I also reckon that I can’t solve every problem. For what it’s worth, I encourage you to place an even greater focus on your emotional wellness. You know yourself best and you know when you are running on empty. You also know what passwords are appropriate for you.

So go on and protect your soul.  Set those passwords to safeguard your greatest treasure.



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I am a writer, a lover of intellectual discussions, a social entrepreneur and an oatmeal junkie. My educational background includes a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in Development Studies and a PhD in Human Services. 

My goal is to use this blog to inspire, create and motivate. I hope the stories and posts you read on this blog fulfill that purpose.

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