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Grateful to be here!!!

My entrance to this world occurred some decades ago in Copenhagen, Denmark. The daughter of a foreign diplomat, I had no idea what life’s journey had in store for me. It looked glamourous on the outside but life happened and the family dynamics changed drastically. In the featured image, my mom is trying to keep me calm as we visit the famous Trafalgar Square in London. My facial expression is one of fear and trepidation as pigeons calmly feed off my mother’s arm. This picture is one of my best treasures because in it, I can see the sincerity of my expressions; I was not afraid to display how I felt.

As I grew older, I did not anticipate the twist and turns that awaited me. It’s been one filled with triumphs, challenges, surprises, missteps, opportunities, love, disappointments and lasting friendships. All these changing scenes of life have shaped the person I am today and I am the better for it.

My goal is to use this blog to encourage, educate, challenge, inspire and create. It is my earnest hope that the above will be actualized through the short stories, engaging topics, poems and other inspirational messages that will be shared on this platform. Like the little girl in the photo, I’m no longer afraid to show how I feel or share what I know.

Welcome to Lugusdesk. I hope you stay for the ride.



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I am a writer, a lover of intellectual discussions, a social entrepreneur and an oatmeal junkie. My educational background includes a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in Development Studies and a PhD in Human Services. 

My goal is to use this blog to inspire, create and motivate. I hope the stories and posts you read on this blog fulfill that purpose.

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