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Grandma’s Boxes

Izzy was so excited to be visiting grandma again. It had been 6 months since she last visited and she couldn’t hide her excitement. As soon as her Uber ride pulled into grandma’s driveway, Izzy jumped out of the car and began screaming with excitement. “Grandma, I’m here, I’m here”. Typically grandma would have been waiting at the doorstep, but not today. She wasn’t even in the living room. Izzy made her way through the house as she kept screaming “grandma, I’m here, I’m here”. By now,

it dawned on Izzy that something was different, very different. She turned to the housekeeper who beckoned her in the direction of grandma’s bedroom. Excitement gave way to panic as she carefully glided to grandma’s room. “Grandma, I couldn’t wait to see you. I miss you so much.

There on the right side of a big bed lay her precious grandma. She was alive, thank goodness, but it was evident that something was amiss. Look, I’m wearing the dress you gave me at my last visit 6 months ago”. “I can see that”, grinned grandma, “it’s looks perfect on you”. By now, supported by many pillows, grandma had managed to sit up with her arms outstretched. They hugged for what seemed like eternity, time stopped, and the only sound that could be heard was that of two hearts beating. If love had a home, it would be called “grandma’s eyes”.

Why weren’t you waiting at the doorstep like always, you gave me the scare” said Izzy. “ I’m sorry dear, I was rather too tired today and needed to rest. I’m so glad you are here”, replied grandma. As they continued talking, Izzy noticed 3 beautifully decorated boxes on top of the drawer next to the bed. She wondered what they were but decided not to pry. After 15 minutes of catching up, Izzy finally inquired about them. Well, these are my special monuments that help me keep things in perspective.

“Monuments?”, asked Izzy. Yes, my dear, monuments” answered grandma. Bring them over, and I will explain. These three boxes represent my past, present and future. Grandma opened the box called “Past”. In that box, contained pictures of grandpa, certificates of achievement, artifacts, and a few other items. Next, she opened the box called “Present”. It had noticeably fewer items that mostly consisted of to-do lists. No awards, certificates, or applauses, just to do lists. The final box was labeled “Future” and as grandma opened it, Izzy wondered what it might contain. Alas, it was barely empty except for the drawing of a smiley face and the words “peace” written underneath it.

This seemed all confusing until grandma begun to explain;

“The first box is filled because I have lived long and accomplished so much. I have also made my fair share of mistakes and have lost some loved ones along the way. All of this make up my past; it doesn’t look pretty, but that’s my truth. The second box is half-full because I would still like to complete a few things before I pass on. I may be up in years, but I’m not done yet. The third box is almost empty because when I get to the end of life’s journey and look back, I want to be able to smile and have peace in my heart.

I want to be able to say that I fulfilled my to-do-list and that I owe no man. I spend more time with the “Present” box because it will determine my future. These 3 boxes remind me daily of what lies ahead of me. Time is an expensive commodity my dear grandchild, the older you grow, the more you need it, but the less of it you have. If you don’t plan how to use your time, it will elude you”.

By now, Izzy was listening with rapt attention because she understood the importance of grandma’s talk. As a 28 year old adult, she had learnt her most valuable lesson yet: THE MORE YOU LIVE, THE LESSER THE TIME YOU HAVE LEFT.

She turned to grandma and said, “thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson”. Since we are talking about time, why don’t I prepare your favorite couscous dish before it’s too late for dinner? That would be great, said grandma. And with that, they made their way to the kitchen.


THE MORE YOU LIVE, THE LESSER THE TIME YOU HAVE LEFT. Don’t postpone to tomorrow what you can accomplish today and don’t take anyone for granted.



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