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GPS Failure

Recently, I had to travel to the other side of town after working hours to support a friend on an important assignment. Since I was not accustomed to that specific area of town, I did what every 21st Century driver would do: I consulted my GPS. I was given 3 different options on how to arrive at my destination and I chose the toll-free route. Although I was not conversant with the event venue, I was confident that my GPS would guide me there safely. Indeed, most of the drive there went smoothly until I got to what seemed like a dead end. Despite approaching the seeming dead end, my GPS asked me to keep going straight ahead for another 3.9 miles.

“Hmmmmmmmm, this does not seem right”, I thought to myself, but I noticed there were houses in the area so I concluded that perhaps, by some miracle, there might be a road hidden somewhere between those houses. I inched my car a little further albeit with much hesitation and before I knew it, I was right in front of someone’s drive way with no exit or road insight. Beyond that driveway was woods, woods and more woods. Guess what! My GPS was still instructing me to keep driving. How could this be? Here I am in an unfamiliar side of town, with a strong determination to help a friend, and a GPS with a mind of its own (lol).

I was frustrated and tired and I even contemplated going back home (it was one of those long days at work), and then I remembered that I had made a commitment to a dear friend and I was not going to let the very thing that was supposed to guide me to my destination (the GPS) become an obstacle. Suffice it to say that I quickly turned around from the private residential driveway, parked by the side of the neighborhood street, put on my blinkers and contemplated what to do next. Surely, I had already come a long distance and it will be a shame to give up so close to my destination.

I considered calling my friend to ask for directions but I discarded that idea and opted to give my GPS one last try. With much trepidation, I cleared the system and re-entered my destination address. It told me I was about 5 miles away so I proceeded with much caution, paying closer attention this time to street signs and dead ends. Alas, I made it to the event in 1 piece. I’m glad I did. There’s no better feeling than supporting a friend in their time of need.

My GPS experience got my mind racing about certain things. So what if I trusted  this technological/satellite device at the expense of common sense and attempted to drive through the woods despite the looming danger? Would I hold the GPS responsible for the grave danger I would have put myself in? Or what if I gave up after the initial fiasco and turned around to go back home? In life, if we desire to achieve anything, we must be cognizant of a few things:

  1. The desire to attain any goal/dream must always exceed the desire to give up because there will always be expected and unexpected obstacles.

  1. As humans, we have been endowed with “common sense” for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use it in tandem with other guidelines/ advise.

  1. Sometimes, the very thing that is intended to help you attain your dream could become a hindrance. When that happens, don’t panic. Stay focused, reset, restrategize, rejuvenate and relaunch.

  1. Be open to new ways and new ideas of achieving your dream. Don’t be afraid to learn, one is never too old to learn new ideas.

  1. Your dream is uniquely yours. Be inspired by what others are doing but take due diligence to carve your own niche.

  1. Stay humble no matter what. Believe in your abilities but remain humble and wise. Ugly pride never did anyone any good.

  1. Don’t expect a cheering crowd on the side of the road with bells and whistles. Oftentimes the journey can be lonely.



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